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You must use cliconfg.exe on each SharePoint server to point the 'old' SQL Server name (and instance if applicable) to the new SQL Server name (and instance if applicable). So if you had an old SQL Server name of OLDSQL and a new one of NEWSQL, you would run cliconfg.exe on each SharePoint server, go to the Alias tab, add an alias named OLDSQL. Set it to TCP/...


No you cannot show fields from different content types while editing an Item and this is the SharePoint's OOB functionality. An Item in SharePoint is associated to only one Content Type. So while editing an Item it is theoretically incorrect to expect fields from the other content type, to be displayed on the Form. Also I will never recommend to go ahead ...


There is no data loss associated with deactivating/activating this feature.


During a crawl, a crawled property is automatically created for the site column. Say for example we have 2 site columns (Color and weight). The name of this property is generated by removing spaces from the site column name, and adding a prefix. The prefix that is added varies depending on the site column type. For example, we get the following crawled ...

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