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You can make the content type hidden by using PowerShell: Example: $web = Get-SPWeb -Identity http://aissp2013:111 $list = $web.Lists["TestList"] $list.ContentTypes["TestCT"].Hidden = $true $list.ContentTypes["TestCT"].Update() UPDATE However, the above code or the steps given by @Robert will not hide Content Type dropdown from Edit page. That can be ...


I found some documentation referencing the above behavior and explains it. When attaching content-types to lists/libraries, the content-types event-handlers are automatically added to the list's event-handler collection. This it to support some basic list/library functionality which has been around since WSS 3.0 already. Even though all the event-handlers ...


If you already made the changes and as you are aware of changes you made in production. Make similar changes in dev,test box . Write the custom code to remove the changes you made and write the code for adding content types,lits etc . Deploy it and test in dev/test. Its safe , not a problem.

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