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Following is an example of simple routing rule creating in record center which routes the Content Type “Document” to the /Records/Records Library. $mainURL = "URL" $RecordCenterURL = "RECCENURL" $web = New-SPWeb $RecordCenterURL -Template "OFFILE#1" -AddToTopNav Now, here is the chunk of code to Create the Content Organizer Rule. Write-Host ...


After decompiling SharePoint DLL's (ILSpy ftw!) and checking the ascx templates, I found the issue. It's a UI bug in SharePoint! What happens is: During activation of the Records feature receiver, a different rendering template is set on all content types in the Drop off library. If you add rules later, they will get the default template! This custom ...


Agreed that this is by design. The Content Organizer is built upon the functionality from the Records Center in SharePoint 2010. The Record Center allowed users to send documents to another library/site that could then be managed by the Records Management Team. By design the user should not have permissions to this destination library. You would of course ...


Maybe do it like this? Try '<Conditions><Condition Column="9ce114d1-0f9d-4825-8a74-a9fc891723c2|ProjectId|Project Id" Operator="IsEqual" Value="123456" /></Conditions>' For example. Also, the Field name is case sensitive so watch out!

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