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By default you getting the *.dwp file which basically a XML. Content editor is not behaves like *.webpart. What you can be done is export the file as its and import in the visual studio in a empty module. Deploy will be visible in the web parts section. I hope after then you know what to do. Following post would be useful: How to add content editor ...


You can just rename .dwp to .webpart and use it.


Try placing your code in "content place holder main" in editform.aspx


If you are referencing to the js file, just remove those lines from the js file, use them only when embedding in HTML or ASPX page. <script src=""></script> <script type=text/javascript> Your function </script>


You need to activate the publishing feature on the site collection Site Actions > Site Settings >Site collection features > SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure Site Actions > Site Settings >Manage site features >SharePoint Server Publishing Please verify these and see if it works.


Turn scripting capabilities on and off for SharePoint Online Tenant. It will enable\disable some features & webparts in SharePoint Online Tenant. You can follow the below mentioned link to enable scripting. Enabling scripting capabilities After 24 hours you will get features & webparts in your SharePoint Online mentioned in below link. The new ...

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