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Please create a Shared Datasource instead of "Datasource". I'll suggest you to read this step by step article, it helped me with my first report. J


You've ran into this problem 3 hours before me going by the time of your post. Apparently one of the issues is that in IE11 you have to turn on compatibility mode. Once I did that it worked, and then I had to select "Get filter values" rather than parameters in order to get the list of filter options. I hope that helps!


@ransher-singh is correct. This should not normally appear. I have seen this when working with Workflows. If you are using workflows look at this: In SharePoint Designer, when you pick the column you want from the current item, there should be three drop-down boxes. The bottom one should be "Return field as:" and you can choose to return the Lookup ...


The timer job related to machine translation service may not be able accept or reply the request of IIS. Io resolve the issue you have to try the two following steps: Try by stop and start machine translation service in the central admin if this does not resolve your problem. IISRESET and check the variation log will be enabled

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