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For this task You need to use Webpart Connections. Edit Page on DispForm.aspx, Then click on Your Customer Part, select web part connection-> Provide Values. In my example I created list with users, and List called Notes, which have user name in "Responsable". Next see screenshots: Then set options of target webpart, where You want to catch this value: ...


This can be done by connecting the web parts. For example edit the To DO List webpart and click on Connections -> Get Filter Values From. Here Select the Customer list. Then in Provider field name, select the column (in this case it will be Name) whose value will be used for filtration. Similarly select the Consumer filed (Customer) which will be used for ...


When the calendar is the leading webpart and the task list is the child webpart, please edit the Task webpart. Expand the "Miscellaneous" area and make sure "Server-Render" is checked. This will connect both webparts as you would expect. Please note: You will lose some functionality. Instant completing a task will no longer work.

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