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I created three web parts connected together and filterable using Title: Choose a color -> Choose a fruit -> View fruit details. I created the following selector (jQuery required): $('img[alt="Selected"]').parent().next().children('div.ms-vb'); Which returns an array of the selected elements which have an ID attribute. You could then do a simple each ...


If you use JSLink instead, I think you can connect to the items in the ListView Web Part like this: In a location of your choice (such as SiteAssets library of your site, or in _catalogs/masterpage), create new JavaScript file. In the file, add the code below In your web part, reference this JavaScript file in the JSLink setting, like ...


What you want to do is add the same App Part for the same Calendar to the page. I think what you're doing is adding a new calendar app, then adding that new calendar to the page? If you add the same Calendar app part from the picker twice, and just change the view in the second app part, you should get what you're looking for.


The connected web parts should still work. Have you tried selecting an alternate column first? The reason you don't see the option is because there is a data type mismatch. If you select something of the same or a compatible data type, it should let you connect the web parts. I think Project Name could be the "field with edit menu" type, you might try the ...

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