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If you want to manually navigate to the doc set, here's the correct URL: [site]/Applications/Forms/Application/docsethomepage.aspx?ID=4&FolderCTID=0x0120D52000097B2AAED9957E4CAD8855E43B2B0C6F00341030E5B70A6A4D9C605B8C48983359&List=3d911efd-eed7-4019-86c3-ed109b796891&RootFolder=[site]%2FApplications%2FTest%20app%202&RecSrc=[site]%...


Use a Query String (URL) filter. Pass the parameters from your link and connect the filter to each web part.


Rather than editing the display form - try this: Create a view with all the fields that you need to show Set the view style to "Preview Pane" Result is very similar to your requirements i.e. when you hover on the item title the details are displayed in an area adjacent to that.


You can easily use JQuery to get the filter by partial id. SPTextSlicerValueTextControl is the end of the ID of a SharePoint text filter input field. filterValue = $('input[id*=SPTextSlicerValueTextControl]');

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