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Couple of things to confirm. SQl Server should be 64-bit edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 (SP1) It's a fresh installation on the server Make sure Install account have the required permission on the SQL server and also on the SharePoint Server Also Make sure that All pre-req installed properly. check this one: ...


The message says it all - "Failed to connect to the configuration database." You can click on the PSCDiagnostics log file to get more insights related to this error. Check the account which you are using to connect to SQL Server instance, make sure it has the required permissions/roles to create configuration database - Dbcreator ...


You probably need to grant them read access on the top level of the site to have access to the site aspx pages. You could even restrict that access to only the site assets and site pages library if needed. Making them a group owner in no way gives them rights anywhere else.


First of all, there is no way to do this using the GUI, You have to rely on the PowerShell. there are 2 options in Powershell. use the Copy-Spsite Copy-SPSite http://contoso/sites/OldTeam -DestinationDatabase WSS_Content -TargetUrl http://contoso/sites/NewTeam Now Run the Remove-Spsite to remove the old site. Another option is Using the BackUp and ...


Source: $site = Get-SPSite http://servername/customer/questions $site.Rename("http://servername/customer/generalquestions") And you have more detailed info in


You can do it from O365 Admin center Sorry for bad screen


You can do that by editing the view. If you modify the view, you will see several options for the Title field: Title Title (linked to item) Title (linked to item with edit menu) Choose the option that includes the edit menu in your view.

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