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A few items you will want to validate: You will want to ensure you have the SharePoint Services Timer and SharePoint Administration Service enabled, and set to automatic start. Likewise, you can manually start them from the command line using the following commands: net start SPTimerV4 net start SPAdminV4 Additionally, the resource I've used ...


Two things to check. Make sure "Windows SharePoint Services Administration" & "Windows SharePoint Timer Services" is running on all server in the farm. check in service console. check the SQL server if account under which you are running the script have proper permission to access it. Also check the ULS logs for more details.


If you change the password the Active Directory then it will not updated in the SharePoint even it gets the new change date from the AD. I can tell you what we adopt after couple of outages. Change the Password in AD. Update the Password in the SharePoint Now test it, if it is populated on all servers.(we perform IIS reset on all server in the Farms. ...


Yes. You only want one Search Service Application. In your SSA, you should set up the file share as a separate content source. (Based on the fact that you say you got it working in a separate SSA, I'm assuming you know how to set up a content source to crawl a file share.) Now, if you were in SP 2010, I'd tell you to then set up a "Search Scope" that uses ...

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