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I reformatted the Formula in your original post, you can copy/paste multilines and SharePoint will ignore them. The = was allready spotted; You are also missing a False in your second IF =IF([Course #]="AWR135" ,"Promoting Community Cybersecurity Planning" ,IF([Course #]="AWR136" ,"Essentials of Community Cybersecurity" ,"" ...


This should do it: Download jQuery and save it to /SiteAssets/ Create a JavaScript file named comma-break.js and save it in /SiteAssets/ with the contents of: $(document).ready(function () { var str = $('.ms-listviewtable').html(); //; $('.ms-listviewtable').html(str.replace(new RegExp(", ", "g"), ",</br>")); }); Add a Content Editor ...


The View Filter can not do (x OR y) AND z it does: x OR y AND z So you have to move part of the logic into a Boolean type Calculated Column DocumentTypeFilter =OR( [DocumentType]="Dashboard" , [DocumentType]="Supporting Detail" ) And use DocumentTypeFilter=True in the View Filter You can not use [Today] in a Calculated Column, because those ...


sigh .... Turns out I should have removed the .get_url() from my if condition and it should have been: if(oListItem.get_item("Image"))


Instead of using the Relevant Documents Web Part, you could you a List View Web Part and filter the list view for the current user. Then you could easily add/remove whatever columns you want from the list view. To do this, edit the List View Web Part properties and then under Selected View click on Edit the current view. Under the Filter section, set the ...


below formula should work for you Try this: =IF([Course#]="AWR136","Promoting Community Cybersecurity Planning",IF([Course#]="AWR135","Essentials of Community Cybersecurity"))


This is shorter and easier to read: =UPPER(REPLACE(TEXT(Created,"ddhhmmTZmmmyy"),7,2,LEFT(TimeZone)) SharePoint REPLACE (alas) needs a start and length parameter TZ starts at character 7 and is 2 characters long LEFT() takes 1 character by default


UPDATED: I deleted my previous answer because I realized I had included the "minutes" portion incorrectly. Sorry for any confusion, I'm still new here. This solution uses a "helper" TimeZone column. So you will need to select a time zone for each item uploaded. The TimeZone column is a choice column with the time zone choices (i.e. Pacific, Mountain, ...

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