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SharePoint 2013 is using Client Side Rendering by default, so form controls are rendered on client side on some other internal javascript events. It is possible that jQuery.ready() handler is firing too early while controls are not rendered yet and that could be main problem. My suggestion would be not to use jQuery.ready, where normal jsLink with CSR ...


The following simple formula should work: =IF([Single]="Yes", "No", "Yes")


my supervisor made me a Site Collection Administration, and now I see the input boxes. Thank you ECM4D for your thoughts.


If you don't have any feature deactivation code to delete the list, it is going to remain and still contain your typo. If you don't have any feature activation code to check if the list exists and fix it, the typo will remain. If you've updated your feature, deactivate it and delete your list. Then activate the feature to provision the list again, and the ...

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