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Co-authoring will be revolutionary I reckon, it's in my 'top 5 drivers for clients to upgrade to 2010'. In answer to your questions: SharePoint Foundation is fine. Yes web and rich client (i.e. Word 2010) both support co-authoring, the experience is basically the same from what I've seen. Probably, but remember that whoever hosts the functionality also ...


The Excel 2010 client application does not support co-authoring workbooks in SharePoint Server 2010. However, the Excel client application does support non-real-time co-authoring workbooks stored locally or on network (UNC) paths by using the Shared Workbook feature. Co-authoring workbooks in SharePoint is supported by using the Microsoft Excel Web App, ...


Check in - check out feature in the document library needs to be turned OFF. Also 1.The file is using Information Rights Management (IRM) or Digital Rights Management (DRM). 2.The file is encrypted. 3.The file format is not supported. Only .docx and .pptx file formats are supported. 4.The file is marked as final. The file owner has decided to stop the ...


There won't be any errors but it will give you a message saying save conflicts do you want to update the changes and when you click yes then the user getting this message will see the updated list item that he was working on and the other user will see the updated list item that he was working on. As the simultaneous save is practically not fully ...


I am assumind that you are reffering to user own information by "rows". As long as you dont have users that are editing the same row at the same time that in doesnt matter. Your performance will be a bit degraded depending on how your physical architecture is set up but other than that you shouldnt get any errors.


I've found this... So I guess it won't work :( Unlike Word, PowerPoint and OneNote 2010 it’s not possible to have multiple authors working on a document at the same time in Microsoft Excel 2010. However, if you have access to the Office Web Applications – where it is possible to edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents via a browser – there is ...


Do you have the office web apps installed?

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