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Your second guess is right, you have to write some logic to combine the two: merge both claims into a new claim, and give rights to this new claim. When you say "claims based authentication", which provider are you using? Windows or trusted IDP (typically ADFS)? If you're using ADFS, you could use the claims rule language in ADFS to add more claims to the ...


Well AFAIK (and as opposed to what Nikhil says), it is not possible to "merge" your FBA and STS users. For instance, the meaning of your FBA claim (i:0#.f|fba|user1) is this: The part before the first | is created by Sharepoint; you can't modify it. It depends on the provider type, the identity claim, and other stuff. Details about this encoding may be ...


In the Custom STS , while adding the to SharePoint group edit the code to add user with (i:0#.f|fba|user1) . Since Sharepoint knows both your authentication providers , it should accept it .


About the mapping of "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/.../name": The New-SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer cmdlet has a parameter "-IdentityClaim". The claim type you specify as an identity claim is "encoded" by Sharepoint into the "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/.../name" claim. I don't think you must configure anything special here, just specify a claim sent by your ...

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