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In SharePoint 2010 you could do this by embedding an iframe HTML element with src pointing to the other user's OrganizationView.aspx page such as https://mysite.contoso.com/OrganizationView.aspx?accountname=CONTOSO%5CBradS&IsDlg=1. However, SharePoint 2013 is more restrictive and prohibits cross-origin resource sharing, so this approach will break when ...


I just faced a very similar situation with a custom membership provider using claims in SP2013. After a lot of research and POC's, I could not get the Display Name in the people picker and the login name to be decoupled (basically, show a Display Name and generate the auth claims with a username or unique ID). Hopefully someone may chime in with a way to ...


With Claims based AuthN you need to leverage the Claims to Windows Token Service (C2WTS) to "convert" the Windows claim to a Windows Identity and pass to your system.

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