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What you are referencing has nothing to do with SharePoint. The "zones" are security boundaries in Internet Explorer. One of the configuration items you can enable (and is enabled by default in the intranet zone), is the ability to pass credential in the background. This means you still get asked for username and password - BUT Internet Explorer is simply ...


I'm pretty sure this wont work. While reporting services is claims aware, you still need Claims to Windows Token Service (C2TWS) to access the data source - even if it's all local. You can't use local accounts with C2TWS because it will do a query to resolve the UPN to match to a claim.


I don't know exactly why you have this error. Maybe you should check in IIS whether the SSL mapping is correct (when you add AAM in Sharepoint, IIS is not configured automatically). However with SAML claims (ADFS) authentication, you have HTTPS all over the place. So I would configure the Intranet extension with SSL as default: https://mysiteaddress ...

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