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It might involve a workflow on the SP list. Make the WF trigger on change/create of the field and the n update a value in a dropdown based from your "Category" field. If Category A change dropdown field to A Else if Category B change dropdown to B and so on... build more ifs and then populate your dropdown in SharePoint.


Try this $(document).ready(function(){ $('#ctl00_m_g_de548742_27f6_4e71_b3ec_2d9a1ecca117_ff151_ctl00_DropDownChoice').on('change', function(){ var accountType = this.value; if(accountType == 'Military') { $('.milShow').show(); $('.ctrShow').hide(); $('.civShow').hide(); } ...


The Right Way To Do This Using: SharePoint2013 Current Answer Not Acceptable I've seen several answer similar to the above. Everyone saying use ALT0129 or the blank font character. I found these workarounds unacceptable because they would create a disconnect from the default SharPoint column filter (Empty) and instead create a new check box that is just ...

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