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from msdn: $choicevalues = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldMultiChoiceValue; $choicevalues.Add("Green"); $choicevalues.Add("Blue"); $i["multiplechoicefield"] = $l.Fields["multiplechoicefield"].ParseAndSetValue($i,$choicevalues); $i["multiplechoicefield"].ToString(); $i["multiplechoicefield"] = ...


This looks to be a compatibility issue with .docx documents being used in older versions of SharePoint (ex. 2007). https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/6799e3cc-99e9-4548-8484-90d51d77a505/metadata-fields-not-saving-from-edit-properties-form


You will need to create the structure using SPServices.CascadeDropdowns like 404 said. Also make sure you have the fields that you want auto-populated set up as required fields. If they are not required and for some reason don't want them required you can do the following (I would recommend requiring the fields, I just wrote this out before that crossed my ...


You can use SPServices and jQuery to perform this task. Steps are as follows: 1) Create necessary lookup lists 2) Create target list and give reference of lookup list and lookup columns 3)In the target list, select the Default New Form under the List tab. 4) Add a Content Editor Web part and select Edit HTML Source under the Format Text Tab. 5) Copy ...

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