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This problems occurs because if any of the content type has required fields and donot containe default value. the document is automatically checked out. Remove the required fields in all content types and upload it will definelty works.


Here you go: # enter your site URL $spWeb = Get-SPWeb "http://sp2013" $listName = "Your List Title" function GetCheckedItems($spWeb) { $list = $spWeb.Lists[$listName] Write-Host "Scanning List: $($list.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl)" foreach ($item in $list.CheckedOutFiles) { if (!$item.Url.EndsWith(".aspx")) { continue } ...


If you are running your VBA code within the an Excel application, then you can use the CanCheckOut property of the Workbooks collection in the Excel object model. Workbooks.CanCheckOut(Path) will return true if a workbook is checked out, in which case you could avoid copying it. That may give you a quick solution if you are in Excel and if you have the ...

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