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The check in/out feature is one of the core logical components of sharepoint (and not only SP, since it is a standard for other document management systems). I do not think it is advisable in the long run to dismantle such feature just because of the laziness of some users. It is obvious that they were never explained the feature and why it is there and why ...


I published now another Step-by-Step guide for "how to add links to Promoted Actions". It looks like this: It's by now in German but I think you should get it. If not, let me know and I do it maybe in english as well.


I guess you want some view behind the link like this: I achieved this via Content Search Webpart, display template and managed property. If so, I just published a Step-by-Step guide in my blog. Don't be afraIT.com to check it out and if it helps to solve your problem please mark this post as the answer.


You can use the CheckOutUser column to determine if the item is checked out. Using the List.asmx GetListItems you can pass this field into the viewFields xmlNode argument. If it is not null then the item is checked out. ...


Had the same Problem, found this Solution: http://wowsomuch.com/sharepoint/opening-office-templates-dotx-sharepoint-document-library/

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