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No, there is no way to recover that. The information is not stored in the version history until you check in a minor change. If you tell it to discard your changes and didn't check in a minor change at some point, your changes are lost.


OK, by a lot of trial and error I have discovered that other users' checked out files only become visible once they have been checked in for the first time, and then checked out again. This must relate to the document not being considered a 'major version' until it's been checked in once. Thanks again, all, for your help.


Depending on the version settings you have, the usefulness of the column differs. It isn't as useful when there are documents that have not been published as major versions, anything less than 1.0. After the files are major versions where the files are visible to all, it becomes beneficial as everyone can see who has the file locked for editing.


Whether or not Checkout is required has to be activate/de-activate on the list itself. It's not possible to do that on each individual file or folder. I would recommend to move such files to a specific library that does not use mandatory check-out (but still uses versioning).

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