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Turns out, the comment is very important. My previous comment was "Checked in during Migration." I believe the extra "." was causing the issue. When I changed the checkin comment to "Migration", it worked. Keep the comment simple.


Also note that you should be able to select the items in the view and use the "Check in" option from the ribbon. Be sure to use a normal list type of view to do this. Perhaps you can create a view that filters items that are checked out to you filtered on your username and go from there.


This problem might occur because the file title contains disallowed characters like / and to solve this issue you should change the title of your page without using any special character and to achieve that you should follow We can’t do that for you because the file is no longer checked out or has been deleted in SharePoint Designer Hope this help you


Is the "Title" the only other column in the library? If so go to the library settings and make the column not required. This usually happens where there are other content types or columns in the library. If you were to make a workflow with this here is one you can run on one item at a time to show you it is possible to catch and update this when new ...

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