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Miguet, do you know if version settings has been updated for your form library. Verify if you have accidentally updated the version setting and selected "Require Checkout" option. What kind of workflow are we talking about (SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio)?


Answer to your question yes it will fire ItemCheckedIn event, if inside Versioning settings link->The Require Check Out radio is selected. Some more information: ItemCheckedIn fires 1. once we add document, automatic checking will happen, which will fire ItemCheckedIn. 2. Next when we explicitly call ItemCheckedIn. following sequence you may notice in ...


Go to the Document library. Select Library tab from the ribbon. Check if individual checkboxes are present in each row. If not, click on Modify View in the ribbon and check "Allow individual item checkboxes" in Tabular View section and click on OK. Now Select the check box next to the file icon for each file you want to check in, check out, or discard. ...

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