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I've been experiencing the same issues I'm trying to check in 100 documents in one hit but for some reason it does not want to do a bulk check in anymore. I have noted a unusual anomaly, if I tick each one individually occasionally one will not show a check in on the quick bar (files/open & Check out) if I tick each one that the check in icon appears I ...


There are many different ways of doing this. The simplest it is use SharePoint Designer. Please open your site in SharePoint Designer, navigate to "All Files" and select your Document Library. On the ribbon click "Check-In" and OK


Go to site actions -> Manage content and structure. At the first page there is a list of the files with a "view" in the toolbar on the right section. Drop this down and choose "Checked out to me". This will list all the files, you can then check the check box to select all items and in the actions drop down choose check in.


You can use 3-rd party web part, e.x. Virto Sharepoint Bulk Check In This tool adds a button onto your ribbon that allows you to check-in all files at once.


You can do so by selecing all documents (clicking on the left of each one), then from the ribbon in the "Files" tab, click "check in".


There are some solutions in this other question: How do I check in a LOT of files all at once? You have options: User interface Powr Shell SharePoint Designer Other Tools Hope it will be helpfull

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