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please take a look at the following blogs: http://monkeyblog.highmonkey.com/default/August-2013/Chart-Web-Part-and-SharePoint-2013.aspx or you can try: http://www.aasoftech.com/SitePages/How%20to%20create%20a%20Chart%20from%20SharePoint%20List.aspx


You can use the below option : Create Google Chart from SharePoint list: Download the code from http://www.aasoftech.com/download Unzip file: Create-Google-LineChart-WithQueryString.zip Upload all txt file in a document library In a page you want to display the chart add Content Editor Web part Provide the link to one of the chart file located at your ...


Look into SQL Report Builder. It works well with SP2010 lists, and be displayed on a SharePoint site rather easily.

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