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Start the Url with slash <UrlAction Url="/_admin/target.aspx"/>


How about an entry in that server's Hosts file? When the WF does a lookup, it's calling a URL. That xxx.com you mentioned could probably use entering in that server's Hosts file that has the workflow "failing". If this is a single-server farm, just mark it with It could be trying to go to http:\\servername instead of ...


For anyone else wondering, here's the answer... Back in May I ran gpresult against user A and user B. I compared both users and noticed one difference. I'm still not sure why, but user A had a single registry key group policy preference that was not applied like the rest of the users in the entire domain. Thus, user B had all the same group membership, ...


For me was lack of space on C: then ran Wizard as administrator and CA is back again


I suggest you run configuration wizard again. Don't disconnect from the server or don't do any name modification, leave everything as it is and just press next. The sharepoint will start working again.

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