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Replace <Geq> <FieldRef Name='vpux'/> <Value Type='Text'>" + dateNow + "</Value> </Geq> with <Geq> <FieldRef Name='vpux'/> <Value IncludeTimeValue='TRUE' Type='DateTime'><Now /></Value> </Geq> You can use <Today /> as well. IncludeTimeValue is, obviously, for ...


Sorry for the late response, but after struggling with adding fields from other lists in a view by help of projected fields and joins, I concluded that this is not working / bug, as per documentation it should. The workaround we were thinking was to add additional lookup fields to the list showing the interesting columns from the foreign list. This should ...


If the field in question is a lookup field adding "LookupId='True'" will convince the CAML query to work: <Where> <IsNull> <FieldRef Name='TestField' LookupId='True' /> </IsNull> </Where> This also works when dealing with front end designed views - but those need to be adapted in SharePoint Designer. There is no ...


Query in your case is a string, which means that you are using the SPList.GetItems(String[]) overload. That method accept a list of fields to load, not a query. You should be using one of the overloads that accepts an actual SPQuery object.


You may have to switch to LinQ, or some client side script to pull out substrings. I am not aware of a way to do what you are asking.


Try below: <View> <ViewFields> <FieldRef Name='empid'/> <FieldRef Name='ename'/> <FieldRef Name='salary'/> </ViewFields> <Query> <Where> <And> <In> <FieldRef Name='empid' /> ...

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