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I am running into almost same issue where i need to show exchange calendar of everyone in SharePoint. If you just want to show the exchange calendar events timing, then probably the Calendar Overlay in SharePoint is the best approach for you. But it will show the event time and the status i.e Busy, Free, In Meeting etc not the actual event detail i.e ...


At the end I had to do a very dirty work. I added a js to the JsLink and overrode some functions: SP.UI.ApplicationPages.ItemBuilder.prototype.$4N_0 SP.UI.ApplicationPages.ItemBuilder.prototype.$8D_0 SP.UI.ApplicationPages.ItemBuilder.prototype.$5n_0 SP.UI.ApplicationPages.SummaryCalendarView.prototype.renderGrids ...


With that setting checked, the SharePoint calendar that you connect to Outlook, will appear in your Outlook when you log into another computer. This is preferred. If you uncheck this option, and you go to another computer, that calendar will not appear in Outlook.

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