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CSR is not available for the calendar webpart. The requirement for it has been expressed by several members of the SharePoint community and has been acknowledged by the SP dev team.


You can't do it OOTB, because calendar doesn't accept incoming connections (!!). For a site, I had to do several views. If you want to spend money, you can look at bamboo's Calendar Plus Web part.


Are you adding the Calendar Web Part into a Web Part Zone? If it's being added outside of a Web Part Zone, then it will be deleted when you "Reattach to Page Layout", and this may be what you're experiencing. Note that this would only come up if you are working through SharePoint Designer, whereas if you're making the changes as a Power User then this should ...


The question here is how to get the Add link in the new calendar. Perhaps this calendar has to be a custom list instead of one made from the default available Calendar List. (Like the one I am working with when I found this post) It has to be so because the client wants specific form behavior that I cannot get unless I alter the base Calendar List forms ...


What error are the workflows reporting? Can you run PowerShell on the farm? Would be an easy enough script to loop through and set the field values.


Okay so I stumbled apon a rather simple solution (though I didn't think it would actually work :D). Even though no one commented on this it did get one up vote so I hope my solution helps them. What I ended up doing was pulling up the site in Google chrome, I navigated to calendar that I was using as a test and exported one of the already created events (I ...

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