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Add a CEWP to your page, under the calendar, and link it to the following script: <script type="text/javascript"> // // Calendar - Weekdays only // // Regional settings: week starts on Monday. // Change the CalendarWidth value to adjust the width of the calendar. // 742 pixels is the default SharePoint value. // Set the value to zero for automatic ...


It is by design. The other 2 calendars are separate calendars and you should set alerts on them too. Calendar overlays do not 'merge' data.


You can use also 3-rd party solution from VirtoSoftware - SharePoint Exchange Calendar Web Part. It supports 2013,2010 and 2007 SharePoint and all versions of Exchange Servers, including 2003 version. Using this custom web part you'll be able to add to your existing SharePoint Calendar additional calendars as data sources from MS Exchange. You can add ...

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