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You can use the MAX function and output it in Date format. =MAX([date1],[date2]) If the two dates are blank, it will output a default date in 1899, so maybe put in a IF condition in there.


Column C formula is =IF([ColumnA]>[ColumnB], [ColumnA], [ColumnB])


I think this maybe what you are looking for but we completely need more information like "What you are really looking to accomplish;" Try... =IF([Modified]>[ColumnA], [Modified], IF([ColumnA]>[ColumnB], [ColumnA], [ColumnB]))


Since SharePoint doesn't really care about Types. Blank Dates values are False values, and valid Dates are True values, So Erin was the closest, just had a too long Formula =IF( AND([Date 1],[Date 2]) , DATEDIF([Date 1],[Date 2],"D") , "" )

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