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In English language environments no problem, in other languages I can not get it to work, no one has answered my question yet: How to save a Calculated Column Formula in Language Localized notation using REST or JSOM Scriptfile Extract the JSOM code (the REST version is way more code) you are after or execute in an existing Formula (FldEdit.aspx page) ...


Regarding the accepted answer: Stop linking to outdated and incorrect information about creating a [Today] column, linking to it and then deleting to it. It was allready explained in 2008 By Christophe it just does not work... For a complete explanation read: How to use Today and Me in Calculated column


A boolean column is a TRUE/FALSE value so =IF( [L6]=True , "" , "" ) is exactly the same as =IF( [L6] , "" , "" ) And... Since a TRUE value equals 1 and a FALSE value equals 0 You can use a Boolean in a calculation You state: so if L6 is False, the answer should be 0 Then your calculation can be: =[L6] * [C6] / 53 * [Column B] * .1 If you are ...

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