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There are two reasons that it can happen: Browser is picking up Caches CSS file If you upload file in SharePoint (not in _layouts folder), and it is not published as major version, user won't be getting CSS with latest changes. But in both cases, you need to provide some query string like version number for CSS file: <link ...


When in your site, the feature Minimal Download strategy is activated, the changes in CSS is not effective. You need press ctrl + f5 or disable this feature.


Try adding a query string at the end of the style sheet reference. Like, <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="myFile.css?v=1">. That way the browser downloads it again and does not use the cached copy. Change the query string value every time you run into this issue.


I think you might be looking for Change Check Interval (changeCheckInterval), which can be set through the web.config. I wrote an FTC solution for management of the BLOBCache that covers this setting.

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