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SharePoint doesn't need the password because its not actually authenticating anywhere with these accounts. SharePoint uses administrative and service accounts to fetch information and content from the the SharePoint databases. It checks its own internal access control lists (permissions) to determine the level of access an account has on an object - from no ...


SuperUser and SuperReader accounts are normal account not services accounts that's why these are not managed accounts. SharePoint use these accounts to cache the data impersonating the App Pool Account. these accounts required Policy of web app level permissions and just grab the data from data base and put it into object cache. So when user make a request, ...


Two things you have to do. You have to clear the config cache on the all server in the farm(if you have more than one server in farm). Try to repair the Distributed Cache host. Follow the instruction from below technet. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj219613.aspx#repair

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