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for me it was resolved after patching to ​​​15.0.4745.1001 - ​Aug 2015 - Cumulative update- KB3055009 . it was SP1 - 15.0.4569.1000 - version before which have calendar filter view problems on task list views


Not sure if this is solved or still active (it says active).. I'm a little curious of what will happen if you use Security Groups instead of Distribution Lists? Is there also a difference between Universal or Global Security Groups? Knowing what MS recommends when using Security Groups or Distribution Lists in Exchange is that you shouldn't use Distribution ...


public static string ListFieldTextMultileFilter(string val) { var tmp30 = val; var tmp31 = XDocument.Parse(@"<tmp>" + tmp30 + @"</tmp>"); XElement tmp32 = null; while (true) { tmp32 = tmp31.Descendants().Where(it3 => it3.Name.LocalName == @"div" && ...

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