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I had the same issue on a Publishing Page Libary. I set the toolbar to No Toolbar on the AllItems.aspx page. Removing the toolbar causes the page to stop processing. Browse to the AllItems.aspx page and edit the page > edit web part > check tool bar type. Set to Full Toolbar and save. This should resolve the issue.


When I looked at my Schema.xml, I noticed that there were two default views defined. Setting one of the views to False solved the problem. <View BaseViewID="50" DefaultView="TRUE" MobileView="True" ..... </View>


Make a group called Pages view group and app all users to this group. Give this group read permissions to your master page and css file in sharepoint designer


Have you tried adding her to the Site Owners group for the collection? That would give her Full Control rights over the site without giving her access to the site admin settings. If you haven't yet then give it a try. If she still can't see the site collections with Full Control permissions then I suggest you check which pages and lists she can and can't ...


In order to save someone else's time, this is a bug and has already been reported.


According to your post, my understanding is that you could not save change to a file in SharePoint Designer. You can go to the masterpage gallery in SharePoint Designer, right-click on the file and select "Reset to site definition", then check whether it works. For more information: Unable to update page layout Could you edit the site and save changes ...


This thread is quite old but there is a solution for it explained in this forum post: http://www.telerik.com/forums/table-formatting-lost-after-saving-a-list-item Here are the two steps: In order to workaround this issue you can create a custom content filter, which will strip .ExternalClassxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx class. Modify the respective ...

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