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See Downloading a google font and setting up an offline site that uses it Put the font files into you "Style Library" and reference them from there. Don't forget to configure Blob cache to make the files cachable.


Please have a look at the three part series on how to customize Top Navigation: Customizing SharePoint 2010 global navigation with Css and jQuery – Part 1 Here is another great series on how to brand SharePoint 2010: Brand SharePoint: Global Navigation – The Journey Begins (Part 3) For the header like title and icon, you can create your own HTML instead ...


if (_spPageContextInfo.serverRequestPath.contains("DispForm.aspx")) // View form if (_spPageContextInfo.serverRequestPath.contains("EditForm.aspx")) //Edit form if (_spPageContextInfo.serverRequestPath.contains("NewForm.aspx")) //New form You can try replacing contains with endsWith(), it should work better. ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded("SP.js", ...

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