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Put in this CSS .o365cs-nav-appTitle > span{ transition:opacity 0.7s; opacity: 0; } and change your JS to jQuery( document ).ready(function() { var $title = jQuery(".o365cs-nav-appTitle > span"); $title.text("My Company Name"); $tile.css('opacity', 1); }); You see - every page has a Lifecycle. Right now you attach to the ready ...


Why use JavaScript at all? span.o365cs-nav-brandingText::after { content: " - Company Name"; } On some of my Tenants this looks like: There are 2 SPANs with the same class You can hide them with: span.o365cs-nav-brandingText { color: transparent; } Then overlay the two ::after elements on top of each other: span.o365cs-nav-...


In sharepoint 16, they give more powershell control for top suit's bar, I.e changing the logo, text etc If that is what you looking for then check this


I would customize a template (pick one as per your requirement) and then deploy the template in the farm. Then whenever I create a new site collection, I will use that custom template. But it is upto your environment.


In SharePoint 16, they give more PowerShell control for top suit's bar, I.e changing the logo, text etc You can follow below URL for SharePoint 2016 SharePoint 2016 How to Change SuitBar’s Text PowerShell Concept of Office 365 You can hide controls from top suit bar whatever you need. You can follow the instructions mentioned in below URL to hide the ...

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