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You could create permissions group in your sharepoint site that allows the specific people posting to this blog to be able post without the need for Approval. Now if you use Microsoft Word, use the built in Blog Post template and connect this to your SharePoint site. (Open MS Word, New, Blog Post, Manage Accounts, New, SHarePoint blog, ) This will allow you ...


You can use SPServices to grab the column you want, and set the iFrame source with it. Give your iFrame an ID if you can, otherwise select it from its parent div. In your script editor, add the following (replace the query if necessary) : <script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.0.min.js"></script> <script ...


As you are using Posts Content Type, I assume all the items in list Posts will be derived this content type. Hence please try the following solution: Create a Rule in your search scope Exclude::PropertyName:ContentType and value Posts so now your scope must bring back only those results which are from this content type and those are only items not ...


I also had similar issue. The issue got solved by adding the 'Blog tools' webpart in the post.aspx page. Once I added this functionality it started working fine.

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