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Here's the solution to fix the post web part on the Post.aspx site. Delete faulty "Post" web part. Add a new post web part (this will display a list of all posts) Edit the web part by changing the view property to "". Under Appearance setting, set the Chrome Type to None Click on apply, then OK. Open SharePoint Designer, navigate to the Post.aspx page ...


You change it, there are couple of ways. Method 1 using the GUI, this should be done by every user. via site setting Site settings >> Click on Title, description, and icon Link under "Look and Feel", Change the name and description as per your requirements! Method 2: You can use the powershell. #Get the Web $Web= Get-SPWeb ...


your best bet is to use the content query webpart with a custom xslt template to format the output there are already too many posts and questions in this, so if you want to know more you can search around the forum for CQWP or check out this very detailed post from Erik Swenson ...


Use a Set workflow variable action to create a new string variable called fullName. In it, set the value to be the Current Item, Created By field returning Display Name. Then use that variable in your subject.

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