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What you most likely need to do is update the SchemaXml property of the lookup field - the imported Posts list now should have a new ID, this change must be reflected in the field schema in the List attribute. There's a utility for that on CodePlex: https://splookuplinker.codeplex.com/ but you can also do the same with a PowerShell script or SharePoint ...


The easiest way to key tags like support is to enable on the Posts list via List Settings > Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings and make sure it is checked to "Add an Enterprise Keywords column to this list and enable Keyword synchronization". Once you enable it you will be get the tags.Add tags to a blog post in SharePoint 2013


if you want to do it all in the same css you'll have to inspect the html if you do, one thing you'll notice is that both the list and the blog post have a div with a particular id before the ul#ms-blog-postList. The id from the list is different from the post page so you can use that to specify css. e.g. ...


I managed to figure out the answer myself ... not sure if it is the best way to solve it, but is effective and learned me a lot :-) This video helped me to a solution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umB-26Hiqis Create and upload alternate CSS file to site assets Turn on publish features for the site In settings you now have a "Master page" feature that ...

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