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Try this: Create an new Site collection with the URL/Path that you want ['http://intra.df.suz/SalesUS'] (...assuming it is created with a ContentDB named [SalesDB_To_Delete.mdb]) Using powershell: Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name 'Sales_US' -WebApplication 'http://intra.df.suz/SalesUS' Next: Get-SPContentDatabase -Identity 'SalesDB_To_Delete' | ...


When you take a backup of the site it will keep the GUID. This GUID should be unique, then only the application will work as expected. Hence what you are trying to achieve will not work. You can probably try using Export-SPWeb Import-SPWeb Also take a look at this Restore a copy of the same site collection insdie the same web application for detailed ...


Imho there is no non-programmatically method to do it. If You have access to server, You can use powershell like Jasper already answered, example of function is here. But without access on host server you will need to use web-services, and most likely you meet permissions problem again there.


You can specify a file path to restore the back up file. Then you can download the file from the path. Here are some detailed articles for your reference: Backup and Restore SharePoint 2013 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee428316(v=office.15).aspx

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