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As you are restoring a DB backup from a different farm (PROD to DEV), I believe you should dismount the DB (using Central Administration UI or PowerShell commandlet Dismount-SPContentDatabase) before restoring a content database, and then re-mount after restore. This takes care of the synchronization with the configuration database and also lets you specify ...


According to the information you provided, two things make sure. Farm Account and App Pool Account should Have the DBO rights on the restored DB. DB is not offline. Also if their is any error share with us.


Their are couple of ways you can do it. Method # 1 ( i am assuming you have the same kind of web application) take the backup of content DBs from Stagging restore into Dev farm, Detach the Old DataBase from SharePoint Dev farm Web App and Attach the New DB(stagging) deploy any solutions if you have. Make any changes to Web .config(if any). Method # 2 ...

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