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If this is the only server in the farm then you have to rebuild the farm. As you said, you have the Content DBs then it is easy to recover. Most important, Clean Uninstall. Remove all the folders on sharepoint path, clean the IIS etc. No left over should be on the server other wise it will cause issue for new install. Install the SharePoint on the server( ...


The key solution for your problem is: Re-install SharePoint and create a brand new web application. Detach the content database via powershell Attach content DB This will restore the site collections and the associated content from the old content DB. You can refer the scripts and complete details in the below article: Here


Yes, You need to set the url for the HNSC. Even url comes with the content DB but not accessable. SO follow these steps. Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name -DatabaseServer -WebApplication -confirm:$false Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase | Format-Table -Property Url, ID Set-SPSite -Identity -Url Now test it.


You can use PowerShell to Restore Content Databse Backup Restore-SPSite -Identity <Site collection URL> -Path <Backup file> [-DatabaseServer <Database server name>] [-DatabaseName <Content database name>] [-HostHeader <Host header>] [-Force] [-GradualDelete] [-Verbose] <Site collection URL> - Will be the URL of the ...


To move the MMS from One server to other please follow the below steps. To export: $mmsAppId= "App ID Guid Placeholder" $mmsproxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy -Identity "Proxy ID Guid Placeholder" Export-SPMetadataWebServicePartitionData -Identity $mmsAppId -ServiceProxy $mmsproxy -Path "Path to save Exported file placeholder" To import: $mmsAppId= ...

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