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Make sure You are backing proper content database Customisations that are made to file system you need to manually copy over


You may have backed up the wrong database. From Central Admin -> Manage Content databases, get the correct content DB name for your production web application and make sure that DB is backed up. Before backing up it is good to set the DB to read only. Before restore to Dev farm, make sure all the solutions in your Production farm are available in the dev ...


This was really misunderstood the error given by visual studio. It was happen due to the fact that the unexpected shutdown of my machine, it affected to the ongoing process of taking site collection backup. This was found after so many blogs read and so many user permissions changed in SharePoint. This mainly happen due to power shell command being ...


Make sure you have started visual studio using an account that has necessary permissions. Alternatively you can try deploying using SharePoint Management She'll.

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