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If you want to do a basic C# call to SharePoint, just follow this: Make a RESTful API Call to SharePoint Online from Console program Replace the List call with KQL call as described here:


If you're doing calls from SharePoint online, the best way to do it is JavaScript. Making an app for c# means you're creating another azure cloud website that talks to sp and then talks to the rest api. You might as well work in the rest Api directly then There is one other option, using a sandboxed solution and adding it to the solution gallery. But high ...


I'm pretty sure you can't do anything "from SharePoint online site by using c# coding" if you mean that the code will run within SharePoint online. The only way you will be able to use c# coding is from an SharePoint add-in (former app), which per definition is not within the SharePoint site.


You need to allow CORS to be able to do this. The problem is that javascript doesn't allow cross domain calls, and the Azure service can't have the same domain name as your Office 365 (At least I'm pretty sure of this). By enabling CORS support in your Azure REST API, you can circumvent this. Do be warned however, that CORS must be supported by the browser ...


If you are using SharePoint online management cmdlets in web jobs the you need to copy all the cmdlet module files and its dependent binaries along with your powershell script, identifying these files is tricky. Instead of using SharePoint online management cmdlets, you can directly use CSOM APIs in a console application. In that case you need copy only your ...

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