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It turned out that the solution was very simple, the Sharepoint Client Dlls, were not set to Copy Local True, it was false. Changing this flag fixed my problem. ...


1) Didn't work with Visual Studio Online, but I don't see any differencies between Your 'real' dev machines and Azure. You can use what You want like on a standalone machine too 2) I use TFS online http://tfs.visualstudio.com in azure vms. Will be free if team is up to 5 3) All like in real life, You can put Your machines in one network and share SQL ...


I don't think you're facing a SharePoint issue since this is happening as you try to publish. Nothing related to SharePoint at this point. You might have more success tagging this with Azure.


Just use Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client & Runtime Dlls of Version 16. You won't get this error. Stackoverflow link

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