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It is most likely a mismatch between the claims being sent from Azure ACS (step 3 in "Create Rule Group") and the claim mappings in SharePoint.


Use this url to access your resource when you do your first call to SharePoint http://username:password@abc-xyz-sp06/YY-SHAREPOINT/YourResource.aspx Regards


Both phpSPO and PHP-SharePoint-Lists-API (see SharePointOnlineAuth.php) libraries support claims-based authentication for SharePoint Online. The following diagram illustrates how active authentication to SharePoint Online (SPO) is performed phpSPO client.signIn (username, password) The signin method performs a claims-based authentication: build a ...


You can use this library https://github.com/vgrem/phpSPO <?php require_once 'SPOClient.php'; $username = 'username@domain.onmicrosoft.com'; $password = 'password'; $url = "https://domain.sharepoint.com/"; $client = new SPOClient($url); $client->signIn($username,$password); ?>

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