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Opening a web does not cause an entry to be created in the SharePoint audit log. Assuming you have "view" auditing turned on at the web or site collection level that will log views (opens) of documents, list items, and item properties. Extend your code above to open a file...i.e. SPFile.OpenBinary. That will cause audit entries to be created.


your doing nothing to the web object? did you mean that you want to write to the web audit log event? using System; using Microsoft.SharePoint; namespace Audit.Tests { internal class Program { private static void Main() { const string siteURL = "http://somesite"; const int n = 50000; const int k ...


There is no API to modify an existing event entry. The only way I know is with a SQL script directly modify the records in AuditData table in the content database. I'm not sure will that action leave your DB in 'unsupported mode' or not. You better check that with MSFT first.


you can read the audit log with following code Private void ReadAuditLog() { using (SPSite site = new SPSite("your site url")) { using(SPWeb web=site.OpenWeb()) { SPList list=web.Lists["your document library name"]; SPAuditQuery query = new ...

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