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We reported this to MS Support and the behaviour is fixed with the "September 9, 2014 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2013 package" We checked the fix on three farms and it worked. Just don't be confused by the error description in th KB article as it does not seem to have anything to do with this problem here. You can the CU here ...


Audience is not equal to Security! Audience on pages is mainly for showing / hiding the page from for example the current navigation, users will still be able to find and edit the page through links and site content for example


when you map property, then you have to make sure following things. properly mapped the property then run full user profile sync followed by incremental sync( as recommended). You can also check the MIISClient while Sync is running, if new property being imported or not.


Try creating a view. Navigate to that view, and "Edit" the page. Then edit the List View Web Part, expand advanced, and add your audience. This does not hide the view in the dropdown however. If you create this based on a personal view this wont be an issue as the users without the appropriate permission cant select this view from the View dropdown.

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