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Did you try the below solution? You may have to allow that specific domain in which you want to show the documents. You can set X-Frame-Options in IIS for the specific site. Click on the site in IIS. In the middle pane look for HTTP Response Headers and add an entry ...


There are several possible reasons for this: Unique permissions in Attachments folder Every list has a folder called Attachments - it will not be visible from UI. You can see it under: /site/Lists/listname/Attachments It is difficult to achieve but maybe you managed. Is it possible that you modified permissions to this folder, assigning it unique ...


Yes ,you can move list item attachments to document library. However, each attachment will be stored as a separate item in document library. If you are trying to group this into a single entity , then consider using document sets where you can group the attachments to a single entity.


I assume you have already found a solution for your issue. I was also struggling with the issue similar to yours. Could not get "List view tools" for my view. That was resolved after I checked "Server Render" option in Web Part properties-Miscellaneous section. However, I found an easy workaround by using jslink and jquery. Please refer to this source.

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