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I did another search and found a question that was similar to mine labeled: Automatically add attachment to new list item After playing with the code, I was able to get mine working. First, create the function to get the current list and current item in order to find the attachment as the file object. The getUrlParameter("ID") is a short little function ...


is the attachment a TXT file? if so it is likely. I attach excel spreadsheets and images and I have the attachment as attachment


Use SP.ListItem.attachmentFiles property to get the collection of attachments that are associated with the list item. In order to load list items with attachments it have to be requested explicitly, for example: ctx.load(items,'Include(AttachmentFiles)'); Example The following example shows how to load list items with attachments function ...


Regarding the top rows, order by the column which is base to identify the top rows. Update the CAML query to order by.


Are you using Outlook 365? you can download Sharepoint Connect app from Microsoft Apps Store https://store.office.com/sharepoint-connect-WA104379267.aspx You can upload email and attachments to Sharepoint from Outlook


private SPListItem CopyItem(SPListItem sourceItem, string destinationListName) { //Copy sourceItem to destinationList SPList destinationList = sourceItem.Web.Lists[destinationListName]; SPListItem targetItem = destinationList.Items.Add(); foreach (SPField f in sourceItem.Fields) { //Copy all except attachments. if ...

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