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I was trying to get the same but unfortunately SharePoint doesn't seems to be providing such facility while MOSS 2007 do. Here is the workaround that i have found and it worked for me. Please keep in mind this will sort the items only in alphabetical order (regardless of numerical order). Hope this helps someone. Good Luck :)


Check if your list does have attachments enabled? This can be done using Rest API /getByTitle('<ListName>')/items?$filter=substringof('Item', Title) &$select=AttachmentFiles,Title&$expand=AttachmentFiles&$top=4&$orderby=Title"


Using SharePoint 2010 JSOM i would suggest the following approach to retrieve list item attachments: determine whether List Item contains attachments or not via ListItem.Attachments property in case if list List Item contains attachments, submit a second request to retrieve attachment files Example function ...


Go to List Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Attachments. Check, Disabled in "Attachments to list items are"


You say: I've seen this about enabling an Attachments column for list items, but there's >no "attachments" section under Advanced Settings. What version of SharePoint are you using? You should be able to enable attachments to a Custom list as the referenced article describes. If you can't do that, then something odd is going on, and I don't see how ...


You can try by using Infopath. Please try steps given below: On the List tab of the ribbon, Click Customize form To make the attachment field required, we will add a dummy textbox control that will contain the required rule. To do this, add a textbox control and place it before the attachment field Right click on the textbox control, hover on ‘Rules’ ...


Getting the message stream using SPEMailMessage.GetMessageStream() still contains the attachments however I was able to use String.SubString() to remove everything after closing <\html>, leaving the message body and headers (minus the attachments). SPFolder folder = list.RootFolder; string folderUrl = folder.Url; string emailUrl = ...

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