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Since you have the list name in the query string use it to get SPList as below SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web; SPList list = web.GetListFromUrl(web.Url + “/Lists/ListName/Forms/AllItems.aspx“); Then you can get properties from list. Example: String listTitle = list.Title; If you want to get properties from a list item, you can pass item’s ID in the ...


you can do Response.Write, or you can use asp:Literal. var ltlCnt = new LiteralControl(); string divStart = @"<div>"; ltlCnt.Text += divStart; string divEnd = @"</div>"; ltlCnt.Text += divEnd; this.[divOnPage].Controls.Add(ltlCnt);


If this is an aspx page you are creating, then you need to do a couple things. First you'll want to go to the style tab in the ribbon and attach the default or custom masterpage. Then you'll need to add the following just below the registration line: <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderID="PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead" runat="server"> //code goes here ...


If checking the page in does not work, check the ULS logs (Found in the 15-hive under LOGS) for errors when loading the page. A, not so wild, guess would be that some resource that the page is using is not accessible to all users. This could for example be the Master page not being checked in, or some script calling a location where other users do not have ...


MetadataNavigationTree only displays when you are on a page/list/library which has Metadata configured - All Publishing lists and libraries has this as well as the system pages by default. There exist many ways. Most common is a hidden webpart (HTML Form Web Part) with some javascript.


Have a look here on MSDN. I think FormUrls can be of help in your case. This schema enables you to specify client-side redirects to different Display, Edit, and New form pages for items of this content type.


In Discussion Board for storing questions (Body field in Discussion Content Types) and answers (Body field in Message Content Type) is used Enhanced Rich Text field that allows to upload files and insert file links. So, Upload file RTE command could be used to upload files into Documents library and insert links into questions and answers in ...

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