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You have a lot of flexibility in this area. If this web application can be rewritten as a JavaScript/HTML/CSS only solution, then create a SharePoint-hosted app (i.e. SP-hosted app does not allow managed code, such as C#). Otherwise, you can create a Provider-hosted app. If you go with the Provider-hosted app, since it looks like your app does not have any ...


I suggest that you create a custom WebControl of your own which you wrap around each of the controls in the Page Layout that should be hidden if empty. You could have a property on your custom control that will be containing the ID of the control it should hide if the control is empty. Example: <MyControls:HideWhenEmpty runat="server" ...


Yes. You can get the SPWeb using OpenWeb() method and then pass the SubSiteName using(SPWeb web = sites.OpenWeb("subsiteurl"))

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