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Since the image is being rendered by a server control (asp:Image), the ID property may be something different other than img1. I would use your browser's developer tools to ensure the rendered ID is in fact still 'img1'. Then: $(document).ready(function() { $('#img1').hide(); }); should do it.


Adding something to @P S. You can also check following youtube video by Rackspace for branding: Branding Internet Facing Web Sites with SharePoint 2013 (Full Session) This session will focus on creating branded Internet-facing sites using Public Websites in SharePoint Online but most of the techniques will apply no matter where your SharePoint ...


I don't think you need to learn C# and for branding. For branding you will need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can get tons articles on Google for SharePoint 2013 branding . For e.g. C# and comes in the picture when you want to develop custom solutions which ...


There aren't any technical advantages to using this method. It simply allowed developers to use the same conventions they used on the client (JavaScript) as they used on the server (ASP.NET SharePoint solutions). The JavaScript Object Model code is transpiled from the C# Client Object Model -- lots of things in the Microsoft Ajax libraries exist to make ...

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