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Another thing you can try is: Go to Manage Service On Server, search for the one labelled "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service" and Stop/Restart it. Then performa an IISReset and try again.


As You Dont have the DNS then you need to add the host file entry.Add your App domain in the host file. Add the "appsMyCompany.com" into host file. Disable the loopbackcheck on server Add the apps url into web application's AAM settings. Edit the IIS Bindings Please read complete step over here.Develop SharePoint 2013 Napa App In Local Dev Environment ...


found the solution to my problem. As Steve pointed out, it is possible that an AppPart posts to its own AppWeb. The 403 was generated because I tried to get the RequestDigest this way: $('#__REQUESTDIGEST').val(). This works perfectly in masterpages, eg default.aspx. In an AppPart Page there is no __REQUESTDIGEST, so I didnĀ“t get the correct value. Know I ...


From MSDN Error: "There was no endpoint listening" You get the following error when your handler runs in production: "The remote event receiver callout failed. Details: There was no endpoint listening at https://{domain}:nnnnn/{path}/AppEventReceiver.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action." where ...

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