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Same here. SP Online is very very unstable. If something like this happens, you have to recreate your site collection or you have to change the name and GUID of your app and install it again. But if you have content in app parts for example, you will lose it.


Application Pools are fairly expensive. I will often advocate/build farms with the minimum number of accounts possible (for those covering App Pools, that would be a Farm Admin, Service App, and Web App account). With .NET, there is minimal memory sharing between processes, and the SharePoint binaries consume quite a bit of memory without any end user ...


The downside is: you can hit the recommended limit of 10 app pools: see Also note the limit of Web applications (20).


I was able to delete the site using SharePoint Manager ( As an additional information, I tried removing the DisableWebDesignFeatures property (as explained here) however that didn't worked.

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