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Display Issue tracking App on Homepage- Goto Homepage. Click on Page from ribbon and Edit Page. Click on Add Web Part in the section where you would like to show Issue Tracking App. Select Issue Tracking App from Ribbon. Click Add. This would add Issue Tracking App in your homepage. You can change its view by editing this web part. In case, you want to ...


There are two options - Redeploy your app with new URL. Use PS to update the URL in the app manifest. PS for option 2 - Function Update-AppManifest($appPackage, $oldUrl, $newUrl) { Add-Type -Path (Get-ChildItem "WindowsBase.dll") Write-Host "Opening app package '$appPackage'" $package = [System.IO.Packaging.Package]::Open($appPackage, ...


You are missing quotes "" around the value of textbox. Use '<td><input type="text" id="detailsInput" name="Details" value="' + oListItem.get_item('Title') + '" size="35" required="required" /></td>'

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