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I've had the same problem. In my case, I had set the site for everyone to have "View only" permissions. Once I changed it to "Read only" the theme showed up.


Be very careful with this design, as it's pretty tricky to do well. Though first, any site template can be used, as the site template doesn't affect authentication. Authentication. You could either: enable both forms and windows auth on the same web app. When a user went to the site, they would get a dropdown selection that asked them if they wanted to ...


I had the same problem, I solved this by checking the two things that I list below: If your site reads from some list probably it was not published some elements. Check if it is also enabled anonymous access to the list from which you are going to read.


By default SharePoint does not support the item level permission to anonymous users. You can refer the work around posted in this article. But my personal opinion would be not to go for that. As it requires to create the AD user and create module etc. If there is one page only to which you are required to give the permission to anonymous users, you can move ...


We have eventually found that the reason this wasn't working was because the code was running inside a SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges block. From what we've seen in debugging, DoesUserHavePermission will return true or false if a user is logged in, will return true if an anonymous user has permission, but throws an exception if an anonymous user does ...

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