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My Understanding is that your page is loading but the alert pop-up is not coming after the page is loaded. If that is the case you can directly add the below code under the Page_load/On_page_Load. alert('It worked'); Let me know if my understanding of the problem is wrong.


I guess just writing tag may not work. We may need to register scripts. Not tested though, but you can try below. ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, GetType(), "yourFunction", "alert('Something');", true);


Shortly: Open the Central Administration site for your SharePoint Foundation. To do this, on the SBS 2011 server, you click Start | All Programs | Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products | SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Click "Configuring Outgoing E-mail Settings": Outbound SMTP Server: With SBS this is easy enough. Use the FQDN that will be ...


I'm not aware of any conditions that could cause an alert to "expire" or otherwise be automatically pruned. Even when a document on which alerts are set expires or is deleted, the alerts will remain (which is honestly kind of an annoyance). If I had to venture a guess, it's either database corruption or some type of accident. Someone with site owner ...


I've done some testing and here are my results: If you remove the default "Completed" option and re-add it, it will still trigger. If you remove the default "Completed" option and re-add it as "cOmPleTed", it will still trigger.

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