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The OData provider for the REST API is configured to limit the number of items in a response to 100. If there are more items the response will contain a continuation. In a JSON response the continuation will be a property named __next. var url = appUrl + "/_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('Order Details')/Items"; var message = jQuery("#message"); ...


Changed option select, now working $('#test') .append($("") .attr("value",taskItem.Tabn) .text(taskItem.Tabn)); },


First of all you have to Allow multiple selections in AssignedTo column. To add/update multi valued Person or Group column, you have to specify the ID's of the Persons or Groups like var data = { __metadata: { "type": "SP.Data.TestListItem" }, Title: "Some title", AssignedToId: { 'results': [11,22] } } You will find more in this CRUD ...

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