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You can use The Open Data Protocol or OData to retrieve data from your SharePoint. OData is a Web Protocol created on top of Web technologies incluiding XML,Atom,JSON. So you can retrieve the information from your SharePoint using OData in form of Atom entries. You can take a look at the following ling from msdn blog. ...


One solution could be to use SharePoint REST and datatables.net. see link : http://summit7systems.com/who-needs-a-data-view-web-part-sharepoint-rest-and-datatables-net/


how about $(".tweetButton").on("click", function() { $('.tweetButton').removeClass('selected'); $(this).addClass('selected'); $("#dialog").dialog("open"); }); now use for $('.tweetButton.selected').parent().prev().text() in the submit button


Make sure the correct ServerRelativeUrl has been provided, the following formats could be specified: Server-relative URL: /<web url>/<list url>/<folder url> Site-relative URL: <list url>/<folder url> For example, to create a folder named Orders in a Documents library in a sub site Projects, you could specify: ...


What about using the Add method: If for example using SiteCollectionDocuments in a Site Collection 'url' : _spPageContextInfo.siteAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/Web/Folders/add('SiteCollectionDocuments/newfolder')" This shouldn't require the data payload 'postData'. See more here: ...


I believe the simplest and recommended way to achieve this is using either the SharePoint JavaScript Object Model or AJAX. Neither will cause the page to become unresponsive and both should be fast, even with several thousand items. If you are performing just one query, the SharePoint JavaScript Object Model is your best option. The following MSDN article ...


How are you fetching values for left side list box? Anyway you should be able to do this using normal html list box and javascript to move items left to right.

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