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Application severs are the heavy lifting servers, and host the service applications, including the search, user profile, performancepoint, excel, and other resource-intensive services. Having four application servers may be reflective of the amount of users that will be utilizing these services. Workflow 2013 is new to SharePoint 2013 and allows users to ...


A user specifically given site collection admin access will be able to access anything in the site. If you want to have someone with more or less site collection admin access to everywhere but the one library, you will need to do the following: Remove them as a site collection admin. Add them to the root with Full Control access. Go to the library and ...


Not sure if you're using SharePoint online, if so try deactivating the Minimal Download Strategy feature for the site (MDS). I had the same error when creating docs from a template and this fixed it.


Seems that the network guys didn't update the DNS records. Thanks.


Were you by chance performing site backups or restores with that account? Like spsite-restore? I know that stsadm had a nice little habbit of putting sites into read-only and sometimes they remained locked. You could check CA > application management > configure quotas and locks to see if the site was locked. I know you said your other account worked though. ...


Did you try adding your primary, secondary and the account with which you run PowerShell, to the User Policy at the Web Application level of the Site collections in question? from central admin > Manage web applications > select the web application for your site collections > from the ribbon select 'User Policy' > add your primary, secondary and the account ...


If you are not a primary site administrator / secondary contact for the site collection, you should run your PowerShell code in an elevated block as shown below to be able change the site owner via the Owner property of the SPSite: $url = "https://yoursite" $siteOwnerLogin = "domain\user" # elevated privilages ...


We just had a similar problem that was caused by running out of space on the database server.

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