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It turns out that some permissions on the User Profile Service Application were missing for the ADFS users.


Implement Web Application Proxy. You can optionally implement ADFS 3.0 using a non-claims aware relaying party trust in order to not need to convert SharePoint to using SAML authentication. This is a great guide on how to do this. Part 2​ - Securely publishing SharePoint externally using Web Application Proxy ​(WAP). Using this method will provide a ...


Steve, What you probably want to do is extend both of your web apps to another zone (such as Internet) and disable NTLM authentication from that zone. That should prevent users from confusing users in the People Picker since only ADFS Auth will be enabled (and thus resolve through the people picker). However, leave NTLM activated on the default zone for ...


This is expected behavior as Office does not share the cookie/token with the browser (IE, Chrome, or Firefox).

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