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Delete affected users in site collection resolve the problemm. The main reason is changing email address in Active Directory.


Friends, that's interesting! If you add groups Active Directory in Sharepoint via Powershell format Claim the script work correctly, but why? $web = get-spweb "http://projects.rvsco.ru/M143" #$Groupfull="RVSCO\gf_sp_m143_participant" $Groupfull=" c:0+.w|s-1-5-21-3547894948-444176536-1024843340-6189" $account = $web.EnsureUser($Groupfull) $assignment = ...


In the end the problem was with the netbios name... Seems like sharepoint doesn't like a different FQDN/Netbios name. Example: domain.com --> domaincom\user Refer to this site to solve the synchronization problem: ...


It's not supported to install Moss 2007 on Windows Server 2012, but you might be able to link them as stated on MSDN forum in this post e.g. domain controller on another server if that helps. SharePoint Server 2007 is not supported Windows Server 2012


look alike know issue with one of the security update. You need to either uninstall the following hotfix(Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2756920) from server. other is apply this hotfix.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2637518 Source: Secure Token Service (STS) Missing Method – KB2752920 if above failed try this one: Unable to Activate Security ...


There are two different things in your situation: The UPS which is responsible for keeping user attributes up-to-date with Active Directory The User Information list for a specific site collection. This list contain only the information about site users. So either they have logged on or have been explicitly added to a group or granted some sort of specific ...


As you have found, configuring FBA is not trivial. MANY posts I have found just plain don't work. The best I have found is Mirjam's. She has two, I have used the one for SQL FBA and it works every time. Here is the link to her post on AD FBA: http://sharepointchick.com/archive/0001/01/01/configuring-claims-and-forms-based-authentication-for-use-with-an.aspx ...

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