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in this case msdn is you best friend. As i created it for the company that i work for i could answer this for you ;) mysite limmit for webapplication first you need to understand what is a mysite? a mysite is a site collection. The mysite when setup if done according to best practice should be hosted on its own web application. This web application ...


You can use below snippet Get-SPUser -Web http://server/sites/yoursite | Where { $_.IsDomainGroup } AD group is treated as a special user. So this can be find using the filter IsDomainGroup Update $SPWebApp = Get-SPWebApplication https://*******.com/ foreach ($SPSite in $SPWebApp.Sites) { write-host -foregroundcolor green "Working on Site ...


@404, yes that's right, if you want to assign permissions to AD groups, they have to be security groups not distriubution groups.


you need to cycle one way or the other, by this i mean iterate either through ad groups or through sharepoint groups and compare the two.... im lazy and created a console application that explains how todo it. When i get the chance i will post PS code! .cs code is checking against AD and looping sharepoint as i think you could have many AD groups and less ...

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