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This technet article would be a good start. I'll add code snippets in a little while. http://blogs.technet.com/b/meacoex/archive/2013/08/04/step-by-step-active-directory-import-for-sharepoint-2013.aspx


People pickers will not enumerate AD groups. A work around is to create a group of individuals. You do not need to give this group permission to the site, but all the members need to be included to be surfaced in the people picker.


To access so early in the Authentication process is not easy and I think you need a custom Farm Solution with a own Authentication Provider. One way to solve this with Microsoft Tools is ADFS (ADFS 2012 R2 now supports Password Change (not reset) across all devices). But setting up a SharePoint with ADFS is in some environments not easy and there are many ...


It is possible. "User" field (People picker) can display different data, such as "Office". Data is retrieved from SharePoint User Information List. This is hidden list. We can add fields to this list in "Site settings"->"Users and groups"->"List settings". Next we must write code to add data from Active Directory to our new field in user information list. ...


There should be no issues with this so long as this is not named the same as your existing farm. I've done it on many local development farms that are domain joined.


We were finally able to come through the problem. When going in the Central Administration page, than Application Management->Manage service applications->User Profile Service Application and click on Configure Synchronization Connections in Synchronization section, we found out that the connection was missing. Searching for this, we found an article ...


No you do not have to use Active directory Federated Service.Windows Authentication is a way to go. The Windows authentication type takes advantage of your existing Windows authentication provider (AD DS) and the authentication protocols that a Windows domain environment uses to validate the credentials of connecting clients. ...

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