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The issue is now resolved. In the update query shown above: WHERE AppFileSystemFin.ID = [ID]; This line does not refer to SharePoint's system-generated ID column. Instead, it refers to an internally generated key field that we had to use in order to be able to perform SQL join operations between lists. The query has been updated to use SharePoint's ...


The same is possible in Office 365. Just go to your site collection where the app resides that you want to revoke access. Go to Site Settings, and in the User and Persmissions group, follow the link to Site app permissions. From that page you can easely revoke access to any app within your site collection. You can also access the page directly using ...


No. If you are manually creating a site then the parent site permissions will be inherited by default. You will have to manually break inheritance in Site Permission Settings. However, if you are creating a site programmatically then you can use SPWeb.BreakRoleInheritance(true) method to break inheritance.

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