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Increase you log settings to verbose. Check server and ULS logs. Look for patterns around specific paths or artifacts getting denied. Also be on the look out for distributed cache references. I also recommend using fiddler which can tell which requests are being denied. In the event it looks like certain system artifacts are getting denied re-run you ...


Make sure you either have Members Can Share turned on OR have your approval admin email address properly set.


Using Exchange Admin Center initiate a Message Trace. This will confirm whether the messages are being sent from SharePoint You can check the Quarantine and see it the email are there or not You can probably create a rule to bypass email from SharePoint (So no filter will get applied to those) Read more here


Open Site Settings -> Then Click on Site Permissions -> From Ribbon (Permission Tab) Click on Access Request Settings. This will open up a dialog window where you can specify the email address.


I've never tried it in 2013. But in previous versions of SharePoint I know you can't just change the machine name on it. Well you can do it. But it's not as straightforward as just changing the machine name. Here's a blog I found which lists the steps required http://www.bluesphereinc.com/blog/renaming-a-sharepoint-20102013-server/

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