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If you export the web part and locate the JSON string that contains the "refinerConfigurations" you can change the "useDefaultDateIntervals":false and then set your own intervals like "intervals":[-365,-180,-30,-7,-1]. Dates in the past are negative and the future are positive. If you don't know how to export and import a web part let me know and I'll add ...


_UIVersionString “1” = version “0.1” _UIVersionString “2” = version “0.2” _UIVersionString “3” = version “0.3” _UIVersionString “512” = version “1.0” _UIVersionString “1024” = version “2.0” _UIVersionString “1025” = version “2.1” Example : If page version is 5.4 Then it will show 2564 5 * 512 + 4 = 2564 We call this a "base-512" counting system in ...


The problem was related to a automated Visual studio function when adding the Content Type to the List Definition using Visual Studios Interface. Somehow a missmatch was created. Although recreating the list definition solved my issue it dosnt explain why there was a problem when I add the Content Type to Manually created Custom lists.

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