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To debug the issue I would use Fiddler to see the requests sent to and the response received from SharePoint. You should see a request invoking the UpdateListItems web service, as described in this post.


Use ~site/... or ~sitecollection/...


This can be achieved using the following steps as described here. Create a workflow variable called "delay_timer": Number Use Calculate action to get required delay/pause time and save in workflow variable "delay_timer" (eg: 1 divided by 20 = 3 seconds) Pause workflow for "delay_timer" duration. Also refer this relevant thread.


While I have not found a code to replace the 5 minute increments in the time field, I did notice that once the transaction is logged, when you view in spreadsheet mode and click edit, you can then change the time to minute intervals by typing it in and saving. It will hold the time to whatever you type in.


The problem was with the Tasks list. Deleted the existing tasks list and created a new one. Now the workflow works perfectly.


Upon additional digging within the SQL database, I was able to locate the tables containing the search queries. The relevant SQL tables for the search results are MSSQLogQuerySummary and MSSQLogQueryString. MSSQLogQueryString contains a list of all historical search queries, along with the most recent date that keyword was used. However, ...


Typically, there's be warnings regarding support implications on accessing the SP databases directly but I since SP2007 is out of support scope, I think that's your default position now. The database tables you'd need are: - ANLDay ANLHistoricalSiteUsage ANLHistoricalWebUsage ANLHit ANLResource ANLUser ANLWeb You may also want to edit a stored procedure ...


Some things to consider: Make use of the object cache. You can always beef up SQL--add more memory. You can also add more servers to your farm to open up two lanes of possible web traffic. Retention policies can be set into place to clean up an environment of unused sites, content, historical data, tests, junk, redundancy, etc. On that note, you could set ...


Don't know why user25328 has a downvote, the right click works well with me too. Copy from PowerShell: Highlight what you want (left click and drag), then right click anywhere on the console to copy the highlighted text. Paste to PowerShell: Simply right click anywhere on the console, it will paste it after the prompt. Alternatively: Alt + Space > E > P ...

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