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I have a Document Set Content Type (let's call it, Request Packet). Request Packet Content Type has the following fields

  • Title (single line of text) [from Document Set]
  • Description (multiple lines of text) [from Document Set]
  • Request Code (single line of text)

This content type has an allowed Content Type (let's call it, Cover Sheet). Cover Sheet has the following fields

  • Title (single line of text) [from Document]
  • Name (Filename) [from Document]
  • Requester Name (single line of text)

I would like the Title field to be shared between the Request Packet (Document Set) and the Cover Sheet (Document). Currently, the Title field is not listed as a sharable column.

How can I 'trick' SharePoint into sharing this column?

Please note: I am limited in my environment to only SharePoint designer. I cannot write code.

Edit: Apparantly, when editing the content type, I can share the Title field. However, when I apply it to a document library, it is no longer shared.

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