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I have added a column to a list (Task list) and set Append Changes to Existing Text to true, I have also set Specify the type of text to allow: to Rich text (Bold, italics, text alignment).

The field type is

The type of information in this column is:  
Multiple lines of text 

Then if I write the following into the column in an edit:


The way that it is displayed is


I can get around this by typing


but its very annoying to have to remember to type <html> in the input. Playing around with Sharepoint I have found that if I change the type of text from Rich text to plain text then back to Rich Text Sharepoint formats the display code correctly.

Has anyone found a work around this that only uses workflows or setting options?

I have found the following link but it refers to something about xlst which I have no idea about.

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This isn't how this feature is supposed to work so assuming something localized to user's environment. – Alex Angas Aug 29 '11 at 9:34