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I have an old SharePoint 2007 Sub-Site migrated across to my SharePoint 2010 environment via the DB Attach method. I've noticed that whoever did the DB attach has brought over 2 copies of the Database (OldData and OldDataArchive). Both are exactly the same size, but sit in different drives on the SQL server (Both unmodified in quite some time).

I thought one would be redundant, which means I can delete one to free up some disk space.

I went into Central Admin, managed the content databases, switched to the application that was attached, and both are sitting there as attached (Both set to Started, and neither sitting at Read-Only). I can't tell if one is a primary, or secondary. What should I check, or am I OK to remove either one?

Reason being one of the drives has plenty of space, however the other is getting rather low, and I'd appreciate the extra breathing room.

Should I put the DB offline in SQL Mgmt Studio, or 'Remove Content Database' from Central admin? Whatever I do, I don't want to bring down the other SharePoint Web applications.

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